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Monetize Your Fanbase Roadmap


How to develop your audience & convert them into paying customers 

Presented to you by: Dead to the World, LLC


Overview-  The Monetize Your Music Roadmap provides examples designed to help structure your music business (A.K.A. “marketing funnel”) & identify where your fans come from so you can motivate them to fall deeper into your “ecosystem”.


Introduction-   Everything starts with an introduction.  Here’s some examples of the most common ways your fans might be introduced to you.


  1. Features

  2. Social Media

  3. Playlists

  4. Advertisement

  5. Referrals


Education-  Once they know who you are, they’ll either move on or stay engaged.  If they stick around, congrats!  You’ve got a brand new fan! Now go all in with showcasing every aspect of yourself.  The biggest necessities for a good education process are:


  1. Recurring content

  2. Solidified branding

  3. Active marketing funnels


Permission- This is where you obtain what we call an asset, or a direct form of contact such as email or phone number.  This is how you will engage with your fans!


  1. Passive lead generation (website or emails)

  2. Active lead generation (ads)


Nurturing- This is where you provide the value necessary to bring people to the higher barrier stages of your fan’s journey.  Without giving, how can you expect to take?  This can take the form of:


  1. Nurturing sequences (opt-in)

  2. Nurturing automations (triggered)

  3. Nurturing campaigns (manual)


Affirmation- This is where you give them what they’re looking for.  At this point, they’ve graduated from fan to customer, so make sure to sweeten the deal with things like:


  1. Trip-wire deal (Largely discounted, very low priced, or free item + S&H)

  2. Sale/Special that is always active

  3. New release (announce a new product)


Ascension- People in this stage are die-hard super duper number one fans of you.  They’ve earned backstage, VIP access to whatever you do.  Welcome them to the club by offering:


  1. Merch (cross up-sell)

  2. Live events

  3. Membership/patronage

  4. VIP/loyalty/exclusives


Referral- You’re now at a point where your fans are in love with you.  They’re inspired and so they talk about you quite often, leading them to refer you to another new fan!  You’ll know they’re bringing in new fans when they execute one of these:


  1. Active Referral (Specific location/link/sign up)

  2. Passive Referral (to check you out) - stricter share w/ friends


What’s next?-  Once this process is understood, every single moment becomes all about implementing these steps in the most efficient way possible.  


Frankly, at this point, you have 3 options.  


  1. Be a lone wolf 


This is a big move, a high risk, high reward play that can result in you being a self made musician with a community of people helping you.  It’s also the cheapest option if you know how to invest properly, but this is the most time consuming option, it could take someone 10 years to accomplish.  


  2. Get help


Have someone guide you through the motions.  It can be a lot to go at things on your own, but with a team of people to help you, you’d have access to the minds of experts who have already accomplished this, and just want to help you get where you’re going, but faster.  This option saves you time, responsibility, and it’s probably the least you’ll pay for these kinds of services.  


  3. Have someone do it for you


If you just wanna enjoy life and not lift a finger, this is the option for you.  This is going to save your time, effort, and take away all the responsibilities that go along with running a business.  However, this is easily the most expensive option, you will 100% pay a premium for someone to do ALL the work for you


How can we help?-  First things first.

We want to understand the goals you have set for your music business, and flesh them out so we’re only left with the MOST productive priorities.  Then, we can set out to achieve this goal by mapping out a plan to earn your desired monthly revenue.  So if you’re ready to get some help, simply reach out to us and we will be happy to respond in a timely manner 😁

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