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Your Call is Booked!

Watch this quick video before our call so you can best be prepared for it!

What's up, I'm Phil👋

I'm one of the experts in monetization at Dead to the World and I'm looking forward to getting you on the phone to create a plan for your music!  I work full time as an artist, dedicating my time to giving other artists the tools necessary to make a living doing what they love.

1. Check your email for the call confirmation.  Inside will be the zoom link where we will meet 

2. During the call find a quiet spot so we can focus on our work with your music business.  The call will last about an hour.

3. Can't make it?  Our schedule is all packed up, so try to keep this to a minimum, but if you need to reschedule you can follow the link in your email so I know.

Make sure you watch this video before our call.

In this video, our CEO Lil Cross outlines the framework we use to help artists make profit from their music careers.  Moving forward with this knowledge will help our call go smoothly as well as help you understand exactly how we work. 

"I was incredibly humbled by how much knowledge they really have...""

Hear from our clients:

Learn to make the offer that your fans or clients can't refuse.

"I've just realized so many things about where my career is and where it's going... How to actually make it come together..."

"Nobody can teach you what you need to learn about the music industry like they can teach you..."

"Cross gave me actual structure, actual strategies..."

"Whether it's music or any type of business it shows you how to connect with people...  "

Rich Chambers

Anthony Teabout

"You guys have set a standard and a bar very high for what a company like yours should be like..."

"I was completely blown away by what these guys put together and what they did for me..."

Rich Chambers

Rich Chambers

Anthony Teabout

Here are some screenshots of Rich's socials AFTER working with us, as well as a small excerpt about his progress that he sent us.

Rich Chambers

Anthony Teabout

Rich analytics.png

DTW's Monetize Your Music Program is great stuff. When I signed up for this program I was not quite sure what to expect, but I knew I needed some help when it came to my footprint on social media and turning my music into a profitable venture. I just finished the program the other day and I went from 1,500 likes and followers on my FB page to what you now see below during my time working with them. These guys are the real deal! I have learned a pile from them and am excited about implementing more of the training that they taught me!

--Rich Chambers

"So far I've made so much progress and gained so much understanding and deep knowledge of what it is to be a business"

"This program has actually gotten me to a place where my music career is actually going somewhere"

Rich Chambers

Anthony Teabout

"Without this program I really wouldn't be focusing on what I really need"

"They're professional... They're serious, I love working with them!"

"They're gonna put you in the right direction..."

This is a text message from Shawn telling us about how our business foundation have helped him garner a more engaged fanbase and helped grow his music business as a whole


Another message from shawn acknowledging his first sale during out work